‘Do Something Amazing…’

My posts are pretty rare now that my rupture is nearly 2 years ago but it still continues to impact my life. My last MRA confirmed that the coils in my aneurysm are still where they should be and this year I wont need to make that trip to Cambridge that has felt so routine. We’ve used these trips to explore the city and we’ve visited some fantastic museums. I would quite like to visit Cambridge in the Summer though whether I get around to that before my final MRA in 3 years time is another matter.

Before the rupture ironically I had been feeling better than I had done in a long time. My daily headaches were being successfully treated and my energy levels were picking up, probably because my medication gave me an incredible nights sleep! I was beginning to think about donating blood again after having to stop due to health reasons.

I first gave blood during my lunch break when I was at sixth form. One of my friends said that she was so I decided to go too. It felt like the right thing to do and although I was only 17 I thought one day I would want children and that would involve a lot of blood tests so maybe it would be less scary if I voluntarily gave up my blood. The first time was the hardest and I did feel light-headed and weird so they kept an eye on me. I had the obligatory biscuit and I think I even got a sticker! I soon perked up and went back to college. The next few times were a lot easier as my body became used to it and I actually felt quite proud that I could do this and actively encouraged others to do it.

With my A Levels complete I had to make special trips to donate so I would take the bus into town and then one day I turned up and they tested my blood and I was borderline anemic so I couldn’t donate. I felt disappointed. I had made a special trip to do a good deed and my blood wasn’t good enough. It was a while before I dared try again as I didn’t want to waste anyones time including my own. I donated once or twice more before I had babies and I breezed all those blood tests but my iron levels plummeted post birth.

I always assumed it would be something I did again and recently when I heard that someone was disappointed that they couldn’t donate as their ‘blood wasn’t good enough’ I encouraged them not to be disheartened and try again. It’s fantastic that anyone would give up their time and blood in hope to help someone in need. I thought I really must get around to donating again.

The day before yesterday I found out that I am no longer able to give blood. Via Instagram I saw that someone who had suffered a brain hemorrhage was turned away and it hit me. I can’t give blood. I did a quick check on the website and there is was confirmed,

Brain Aneurysm: Aneurysm

We are very sorry but sadly you are not able to donate blood.

This is either for the safety of yourself in giving blood or for the safety of patients that receive your blood.


My heart sunk. I can’t help anymore.

The only thing I could think that I could do is take to my keyboard and ask others to go in my place.


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