Day in day out

This originally started as a Facebook status but it was getting so long and detailed that I thought I would blog as I don’t keep up with this anymore.

Some people seem to be surprised that I still have headaches. I assume that they think I’m doing ok perhaps because I just tend to get on with things and do my best to ignore the pain. The pain is always there, day in day out. I live with the constant pain in m head. Usually its manageable although I do wish it wasn’t there and I can’t remember what it feels like to not have a headache.

This happens every now and then, which leads me to up my medication before it levels off and the pain becomes manageable again. When the pain subsides I will have a couple of ‘hangover’ days. It’s a strange feeling where you can feel where the headache was but the pain isn’t so bad. A bit like a healing bruise I suppose. It’s a physical sensation but unlike when you stub your toe you can’t reach the source of the pain as it’s buried deem inside my head.

When I get to this stage it drives me crazy and I become desperate to become pain-free. I try really hard for it to not get in the way of my life, to ‘power through’ as I like to say, but when you can’t make it through a days work it is apparent that my headaches are affecting my day-to-day living.


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